Bangladesh - Small But Big

Bangladesh is a very good tourist destination for millions around the globe. The culture and rich tradition of Bangladesh has always attracted tourists. Bangladesh is a small country situated in the south of Asia .Speaking about the geographical specialties of Bangladesh; it is a land with an area of 147570 km and the total population is almost 147 million. The country is situated in the borders of Bangladesh are India and Myanmar.

The geographical specialties of Bangladesh make it so rich even though it is a small land within boundaries. As many as 6 geographical divisions constitute the whole of Bangladesh and they are mainly the Sylhet section, Chittagong section, Barishal section, Khulna section, Rajshahi section and the Dhaka section. All these land divisions are well known for its own rich cultural diversities and specialties, and tourist interests have always been answered by the land of Bangladesh.

The climate in Bangladesh is very welcoming as it follows the tropical monsoon pattern. The tourists are more attracted in the months from November to February as its winter seems to be one the best in the world for the tourists. The month of January is the coolest in the winter season. The geographical uniqueness of Bangladesh makes it one of the wettest places in the world as Bangladesh receives average rainfall of around 1500 mm per year. The month of April seems to be the hottest month when the temperatures are upward of the 36 degree Celsius mark.

The tourists visiting Bangladesh prefer to wear light cotton outfits for a major part of a year in Bangladesh as the climate remains warm. Light weight cotton outfits or linen outfits would be the preferable clothing for tourists visiting Bangladesh.

A tour to Bangladesh will be comfortable in all respects as transportation and accommodation facilities are exceedingly comfortable. The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka is home to the international airport and all international as well as domestic services are well run by the authorities. Bangladesh has airline services to almost every part of the world from Dhaka. The domestic airways and domestic air carriers are responsible to take passengers to any destinations within the country. Some of the star hotels in Dhaka make tourists much more comfortable with their transportation facilities. They pick and drop the tourists to the airports and other destinations.

The city corporations in Bangladesh also operate lots of tour packages for the tourists. Apart from that, lots of well furnished cottages, hotels, duty free shops and restaurants are very tourist friendly, and the policies of Bangladesh authorities regarding tourist interactions are very amicable to visiting parties.

Bangladesh wild life is something spectacular to watch as tourists can see some of the very rare species in this part of the world. The Bangla tiger is absolutely a once in a life time sight to look for and apart from that the boat rides through the Bangladesh lake is a thrilling experience. There's plenty to do here whether you travel in a group or prefer to be the bag packing lonely traveler, the warmth of the people will ensure a great holiday.